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a person who imparts knowledge and skill so that the body, mind, and heart might reach new, previously unrealized potential.
synonyms: trainer, coach, guru, teacher

What we're about

Our mission is to provide a canvas for instructors to shine their light on the world.

FitSprint takes instructors on a step-by-step journey that allows them to publish a beautiful website where they can showcase work, and take bookings online. We provide the marketing and management tools instructors need to run a business so they can get back to doing what they're meant to do: teach.

Our team

FitSprint has been built by instructors for instructors.

We have built FitSprint to solve our own problems as well as those of our fellow instructors. We are passionate about making sure instructors get paid as well as they teach.

Maria Ferrer Iori,

CEO & Founder

After seven years experience as a fitness instructor, Maria realised many of her colleagues were being left in the cold of the digital revolution with limited software at their disposal. To address this major market gap, she founded FitSprint - a self-service tool to digitally empower instructors.

Prior to founding FitSprint, Maria founded London Fitness and Health (LF&H), and successfully implemented a variety of dance, fitness and yoga programmes throughout the UK. She holds a BA from the University of Miami and a Master's degree from Kings College London.

Maria keeps fit by teaching Zumba, Power Yoga RYT200HR, Barre, AntiGravity Yoga, and Step classes throughout Greater London.

Nadia Biletska,


Nadia is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at FitSprint, managing the financial strategy and operations of the company. Nadia committed to maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency across all of FitSprint's initiatives.

Prior to being named CFO, Nadia worked in Governance, Risk and Controls within a major corporate's internal audit dept. She holds a Masters from Kharkov National University as well as a Certificate in Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Nadia keeps fit by regularly partying at Zumba and OMing through Yoga at Slice Urban Lifestyle Studios in London.

Sarah Wynne,

Head of Data

Sarah is Head of Data at FitSprint. She drives the company’s data vision and is dedicated to delivering a world class data and analytics strategy helping FitSprint and its members understand more about their customers than ever before.

She has over 10 years’ experience in statistical and big data analytics across numerous industries including travel, distribution and retail with 5 years at the retailer Marks & Spencer and more recently founding the analytical consultancy firm Bernoulli Analytics Ltd. She also has a BSc in Economics & Mathematical Sciences.

Sarah keeps active every morning at the gym, training by streaming online resistance-training programs to her iPad. She believes they keep her feeling strong, healthy and ready for any challenge the day brings.

4 Core FitSprint Values

  1. In order to run any kind of business in our digital age: a beautiful, responsive website is essential.
  2. Creating and managing a beautiful digital presence should be quick, easy and affordable.
  3. Instructors should spend more time teaching than doing paperwork.
  4. Instructors deserve to get paid as well as they teach, without a middleman taking a cut of what they sweat for.

Our story

FitSprint was founded in 2015, by London based (Miami native) fitness instructor, Maria Ferrer Iori.

Maria first began teaching fitness in 2008, as a part time and fun way to get paid for working out.

After landing a job that seemed like a natural progression of a very expensive masters degree, Maria was surprised to find herself earning more than double her daily wage teaching an hour of Zumba. And thus, in 2010, Maria quit what her boss tried to convince her was her ‘real job’ to teach fitness full time.

A background in artist management meant that Maria was pretty good at the paperwork most instructors found annoying. Maria quickly realised her fellow instructors were similar to the artists she'd previously managed: intrinsically motivated and very talented... but pretty averse to admin.

This gave Maria the idea to create FitSprint, a bespoke digital platform to empower instructors. FitSprint works to- quickly, easily and affordably, provide instructors with all the digital tools they need to be successful.